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We believe that knowledge is power. We also recognize the virtue of quality sharing of information. Elimu solutions share in the greater vision of an informed and knowledgeable society. We gear up to drive a sustainable agenda for community involvement in propagating access to quality education.


Elimu Solutions (T) Limited is committed towards exploiting all resources available towards increasing access to quality education. We are dedicated towards bringing all stakeholders including policy makers, academicians, learners and the general public into one quality platform of information sharing. We would like to see a more informed community participate in building knowledgeable society.

Who We Are
Elimu Solutions Tanzania Limited was established as a centre which provides counselling on options to school-leavers and young adults seeking advice on further education and training.
Few years ago, admission for the Higher Education opportunities were limited and information centres did not have adequate resources to advise parents, guardians and students on further education opportunities for both high-achieving and low-achieving students.
Elimu Solutions Tanzania Limited was founded on this philosophy to provide a a solutions and services for student and adults looking for continuing education pathways with an academic as well as for those with want a vocational direction.
Your Overseas Study Specialist !!
This is the distinguishing feature which differentiates us right from the beginning. Today our solutions and services are extended to serving as a One-Stop Education advisory and placement centre, providing free, comprehensive educational counselling to parents and students seeking professional advice on further education ranging from school, pre-university to tertiary level.
We have a team of experienced multilingual counsellors to guide students through the entire process of arranging their study overseas, mainly in China as well as locally in Tanzania.
Since our establishment, we have successfully sent more than 1000 students to more than 100 institutions in various countries.
Our service is complete.
We begin with identifying the profile and needs of the student and guiding the student to select a right course of study and a college or university based on market trends, needs, prospects, financial budget and other relevant important aspects.
This is followed up with assisting students in making applications to colleges/universities, advising them on acceptance of Admission offer, visa submission, flight and accommodation arrangement and arriving at their study destination.
Counsellors at Elimu Solutions Tanzania Limited are zealous in our mission to fulfil the hopes of parents and inspire students to achieving their potential through proper planning. We have our main office in Dar es Salaam, delivering objective advice and maintaining a professional level of service to students and parents.
Elimu Solutions Tanzania Limited is a member of Masoko Agencies Tanzania Limited which is involved in the Advertising and promotions industry.
The merger has significantly raised our profile and enabled us to provide even more comprehensive services to students and parents and to our client institutions.
Kindly visit us on: www.elimusolutions.co.tz & www.elimuexpo.com for further details about Elimu Solutions Tanzania Limited.
It is Elimu Solutions Tanzania Limited, Tanzania long term plan to serve the education needs of students and parents in the East Africa region in the years ahead.
Entrust your education advancement in us.