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This course introduces some basic concepts of the discipline Ethics, which will be of relevance to students of all disciplines, particularly to social sciences, humanities, law, business management and philosophy. Along with the historical evolution of the discipline, this course examines some important theoretical frameworks and analyses certain ethical challenges facing our society and humanity in general in the contemporary world

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    Dear Sir / Madam,
    My name is Augustina Kokutona Muchuruza, I am a Tanzanian, graduate student from Nkumba University in Entebbe – Uganda. I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Development Studies with GPA 3.95.

    I have 3yrs working experiences of Human Resource Officer from Kagera Sugar Ltd Missenyi Bukoba Kagera. I am taking online Human Recourse Management studies from South African College of Business (SACOB). Whereby I am expecting to finish it in November 2017.

    I would like to apply for Masters of on the following subjects as followed. With the help of your office to get sponsored, to study from any abroad country in this World.

    Masters of Human Resource Management, Masters of Development Studies, Masters of Employment Relations, Masters of Sociology or Masters of Management or any other course related to my Course I studied.

    It has been my dream to study from abroad, I have been applying from different countries including Memorial University, Concordia University, Toronto University in Canada.
    And also
    Hasselt University, and Leuven University in Belgium.
    But I never get it, I think it’s because of not having any stronger surpoter to backup me.

    It’s my hope that, my dreams will come true and being fulfled from your good office. I will be waiting for your postive answer.

    I remain yours.
    With Regards
    Augustina K. Muchuruza

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    CO2激光(CO2 laser / 二氧化碳激光)的波長是10600nm,照射到皮膚上會被皮膚的水份吸收,瞬間將皮膚有問題的組織氣化。CO2激光可以用來消除各種皮膚問題包括疣、癦、痣、脂溢性角化、粉刺和汗管瘤等。當治療後,您的皮膚需要5至10天時間復原。期間保持傷口清潔便可。優點:CO2激光所切割的深度比刮除術較深,亦較精準。可以處理較深層的皮膚問題,例如去除癦、油脂粒、肉粒、疣、珍珠疣、角質增生等。其復原亦較快,減少留下疤痕的機會。它最大的優點在於,能夠進一步減少激光治療過程當中的熱損傷反應,提升了激光治療的安全性,治療過程中幾乎沒有疼痛感


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Start On November 21, 2018
Duration 2.5 Years
Level Masters Degree
University China, Anhui Agricultural University (AAU)
Deadline No Limit
Language Chinese
Seat avaiable 20

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