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Education, in brief, is simply one of our best means of supporting our survival and excelling as individuals and groups in our communities lives.There are many forms of education in our societies that compliment or top up to the  main and formal education systems around us.Different systems have different means of certifying those who have been successful in attaining various stages qualifications.

From traditional celebrations and dancing to those who have accomplished “Unyago” and “Jando” lessons, to
awarding degree ceremonies to those attaining various University degrees in modern systems.

Awards events on the other hand, are a means of expressing general appreciation and acknowledgements to the outstanding, unique or selected individual or group of individuals,who have contributed or shown capable means of contributing uniquely to a particular prowess or industry. These individuals are therefore presented with accolades or rewards to encourage them and others for a greater course.

In Tanzania the common Award events are usually those that involves artists like in Films and music and also in politics where occasions are actually based on anniversaries of a past event.

In these such political events,leaders and or personalities linked to the events are awarded some recognition or paid tribute to. Common repercussions tend to usually raise these highly awarded individuals to celebrity levels and while those till alive get the chance to use their celebrity status to inspire and contribute greater initiations to their chosen greater courses and audiences.

Tanzania Elimu Awards Event is set therefore to contribute to the custom of rewarding and acknowledging scholars,
creative minds in old or modern technologies and even simply the great contributors and pioneers in Education.
In doing so hence assisting raising their levels of recognition, self-appreciation, self-confidence and ultimately their
celebrity status and to those still alive it can add to the impetus of sharing and teaching others, sharing from their
knowledge and experience.


Tanzania Elimu Awards (TEAWARDS) Our admirable Tanzania government offered an opportunity to education
stakeholders to play a part in contributing and improving the education sector. Elimu Solutions (Esol) being associated to the education industry established TEAWARDS as a platform of appreciating students and beneficiaries who had an outstanding performance all year.

TEAWARDS aims at filling this loophole by reviving inspiration and appreciation which will help improve the education sector. These awards will be given to people and institutions who positively contributed to the development of the education sector all years as well as students with most outstanding performance.

They will also recognize and acknowledge students from difficult backgrounds and whose academic performances
are deemed as excellent under the circumstances and being felt they need like a pat on their back for the appreciation
on their efforts. These awards will aim to motivate the rest of students and beneficiaries to improve their deeds for the betterment of the Education Industry as a whole. TEAWARDS will give recognition to the achievements of students and beneficiaries with unique contribution to the education sector.Students reaching spectacular goals,
records, accomplishments and achievements on the daily basis. We believe one better way of rewarding these
achievements is through these awards ceremonies.These events and ceremonies can be viewed as a catalyst in the
education industry for encouraging students,stakeholders and beneficiaries to contribute and perform above and beyond normal means.Thus excelling and prevailing, the education sector in Tanzania.

Devoted to showcasing student’s and beneficiaries pride in their efforts, directly inspiring them and others to achieve
new goals and new heights of success with our exciting awards ceremony.Instilling self-appreciation, confidence and zeal for those with new ideas, new energy and entrepreneurship minds wishing to contribute more to the Education Industry.

To contribute to a worldwide institution that recognizes and acknowledges students, stakeholders and beneficiaries
efforts, by giving them awards through incorporating schools,Colleges, Universities and academic institutions at the
international level.


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